knowledge and expertise from a local and international faculty

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you will obtain advanced knowledge from an international faculty

you will develop leader skills in your profession and ministry

you will develop skills and practices to lead more enacting as a change agent

you will obtain a US Accredited diploma

about the leadership&management program

This Master's program is developed in collaboration with the American Institute TCMI and has the purpose to equip christian leaders, managers and business people with advanced knowledge to impact the society in which you live and work.

General field: Master of Arts;  Specialization: Leadership and Management

Fields of activity: Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, entrepreneur, consultant, director of missions, projects/programs coordinator, fundraising, psychological/spiritual counseling/mentoring,  international organizations etc.

Presentation language: Romanian, Russian and English (translation is assured depending on the course). Length of a course: intensive courses with reduced attendance.

The first session starts on October 18, 2021 at UDG in Chișinău. Admission rules: Click here


courses taught in the master program:

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16.30 – 20.30


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+373 22 541030
+373 69460334, 68213355

Divitia Gratiae University, Alexandru Hâjdeu, 94 st.,

MD-2001, Chişinău

October 18, 2021

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